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How do our preschool children learn?

Our preschool at Colegio Agustiniano Norte is characterized by being full of magic and playful, our students learn through project-oriented learning and active pedagogy, taking into account their prior knowledge, the perception of their outer world and what they want to learn and build with the elements presented to them. Project learning allows them to link their knowledge in a meaningful way with their immediate environment, and the integral training of our children is enhanced by involving each of the dimensions of development (aesthetic, cognitive, communicative, affective, ethical and spiritual) in order to approach knowledge from a real perspective and aimed at your daily life. Likewise, most of our classes seek to strengthen the use of the English language by preparing our students so that they can communicate, understand a second language and express basic elements in this first stage at school, they also be immerse  in the use of language in each of their classes and the development dimensions.

Name of the activity or project: Project: “Superheroes protect us”.

Goal: The main purpose for this project is to approach the representation of the current heroes in certain cultural products (some cartoons, children’s movies, comics, etc.) known and loved by children. Likewise, to discover the powers that preschool students make relations to the world. 

Students who participated: All kindergarten students participated, each student created their costume, their powers and their own name. 

Results: Children need superheroes. Not only because their stories are very entertaining but also because they connect with the deepest part of their nature such as important and necessary values as willpower and friendship. They taught us that we cannot do great things without helping others. Also, we discovered that there are superheroes surrounding our world, they are able to save us when we are in danger and of course the most real superheroes that we had have. PARENTS. Children need superheroes close to them to survive and learn to cultivate a healthy self-esteem, people are able to make them feel that they are superheroes too. With this project, the importance of cultivating in them a critical mind by thinking about the power that each one of them had within them was raised. Kindergarten students choose this project because superheroes are characters that make them feel admiration for the ability to use magical powers and use them to do good. For this reason, series of values are taught to the children in order to give them the desire to be better every day.