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Third Spelling Bee Contest 2023

On October 27, the third Spelling Bee 2023 was held, with the participation of students from all grades of the school, including the youngest, the preschoolers, who excelled in spelling words related to nature. The categories that were taken into account this year were four, classified as follows: Pre-starters the kindergarten and preschool children, starters the first and second graders, movers the third, fourth and fifth graders, flyers with the participation of the sixth, seventh and eighth graders and finally the seniors category with ninth, tenth and eleventh graders.

The preparation for this great event began in September, all the teachers of the English department and the preschool teachers presented the rules and conditions to participate in the spelling bee for which all the students of the school had to prepare a complete list of words alluding to the vocabulary that has been successfully worked since the English classes, once the students participated by spelling the given words, the teachers went through the respective rounds of elimination to choose only one participant per course.

Finally the day of the event, we had 53 participants very well prepared and excited to be part of this great contest, we had the participation of three juries, people outside the school from three different publishers, in order to have objectivity and transparency when evaluating the expertise of all spellers; the day went smoothly, one by one, our students demonstrated their talent and ability to spell without hesitation all the words that the juries told them, it was not easy to choose the winners, because they were all very well prepared and most importantly all wanted to win.

This has been a very pleasant experience for the students of Colegio Agustiniano Norte, as more and more children want to participate, demonstrating their abilities and taste for the English foreign language. For us as teachers it is really gratifying to see the interest and motivation that all the pupils show with this type of activities and competitions. We hope, as an educational community, to continue encouraging all those who love languages to continue improving their communicative competence through reading, art, music and other media that every day allow us to learn more and in new and attractive ways.